Susanne Remberg - CEO


  • There are two things making my day a perfect one: to get a new challenging client project on the 'route' and to learn new, surprising ideas and insights from the circle of people I am talking to daily. This variety of different input and demands - that is what really drives me in my job.

    After my studies I have gained my professional experience in a wide scope of functions and industry sectors: With a start in a recruitment consultancy, over sales service and customer care for technical equipment, taking over the responsibility for strategic customer care and marketing for a financial service company to the function of a director within a marketing research and consultancy agency. I was lucky to accompany many clients from various industry sectors in B2C and B2B during my career already and looking forward to new ones.

    When not being in 'business' – I still love going 'en route' to experience other cultures, attitudes and habits. And when scuba-diving I explore the surprising world of the sea inhabitants.


Mike Gans - Managing Consultant


  • My most positive key term for my job is 'communication'. I enjoy to communicate with others, to meet new people and I am always curious what they have to tell. What kind of personalities are they, what makes them special, what do they like, what are they doing, what about country differences? And of course I also like to communicate myself – as communication never works in only one direction. My communication partners within my job are our clients – and their customers and consumers. It is most necessary to find out what really drives this latter circle. It is the basis to provide our clients with substantial insights for further strategic decisions.

    Already during my studies I started to work in a market research agency. Early in my professional career it was clear that my heart is in the qualitative area with it's possibility to really get to know people – taking this knowledge combined with a useful database of numbers to recommend the next strategic steps to my clients. It is only logical that over different career steps within the past years I am now responsible for the qual sector in our company and member of the management board.

    When not working I enjoy to meet my considerably big circle of friends – my private base of communication. But I am also what you would call a 'news junkie'. In our team I am usually the one having read or heard any news first as I am – of course – using all possible communication channels.


Sascha Ludzay - Managing Consultant


  • For me it is highly fascinating to detect the stories behind the 'ocean of figures and data' I am dealing with daily. Detecting the relevant numbers, ranking and classifying, setting–up patterns and structures, linking contexts – this builds up the story to it's plot and climax – always an exciting challenge for me. I am very aware that for this process it is crucial to never forget the people behind the numbers. Joy to start new client projects. They are like a new 'baby' which needs to be carefully fostered.

    Already during my studies including some internships in various industries it became crystal clear that I would follow a career in market research. This brought me from a first junior project management function to my current position as the repsonsible head of the quant sector and provided the opportunity to really win deepest knowledge of a well stocked analytical toolbox.

    When not caring for your projects I love to watch films – so stories again and again – although not communicated by numbers.


Aurelia Tausch - Consultant


  • I absolutely enjoy my challenging and luckily not foreseeable working days where I can solve complex and interesting tasks for our clients. With my personal and analytical skill set I have assembled over the past years, I am looking forward to find the directions out of the maze of opportunities that may present itself to our clients.

    My professional route and especially my focus on markets and people started within my early years of studying in the Netherlands. The international focus and broad minded study approach gave me the opportunity to develop personally and academically in various directions and so did the work for some of the leading hotel chains in Germany and New Zealand. A 'customers first' attitude is a most natural thing for me since then. During my Master studies in 'International Business' with the topics of 'Organization, Management and Consultancy' I could intensively analyse the why in the behaviour of humans. Here it became clear to me that my future lies within the exciting world of marketing research and consultancy.

    In my free time, I like to enjoy all sorts of cultural and personal input, whether it is in exploring culinary possibilities or whether it is engaging into the exchange of experiences with friends and family. Whenever possible I like to travel the world and meet new friends that will accompany me along my 'life route'.


Heinz Remberg - Associate Expert in HR & Business psychology


  • "You are absolutely not as one imagines a psychologist!" I always take this comment from clients and applicants as a compliment. For me 'being on eye-level' in daily business also means to avoid communication barriers. I strive to get quickly into new client challenges and to build up a reliable partnership.

    The whole range of business psychology topics characterise my professional career as consultant for many, many years. Among others:
    • Personnel recruitment with a wide search toolbox: Executive Search, Web or Print Search
    • Employee potential analysis
    • Coachings and Trainings to strengthen, enhance or increase employee potential
    • Seasoned academic – national and international
  • Outside work I can recharge batteries best following my deep interest for natural scientific topics. I also enjoy sports and as often as possible travels...

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