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With user centric marketing and innovation research we build the resilient basis for successful innovation processes and marketing strategies.

We know that empathy is an imperative for in-depth conversations with target clients and make use of the most suitable tools to identify users' needs and behavioural patterns.

The SR Insight World
guarantees deep dives into the living or business environment of target customers from a 360 degree perspective.


Identify - Empathize – Understand – Map

Needs & Motivations

  • 1. Understand behaviour and motivations

  • 2. Identify unsolved user problems
    = recognise customer needs and create the basis for ideations (idea workshops) and co-creation.

The deep and exact knowledge about potential market participants enables user centric innovations and business models.

Customer Experience

  • 1. Learning about positive & negative experiences of target customers with existing products and services also means identifying user problems

  • 2. User Experience: Getting early feedback on innovative ideas and thus enabling optimisations

  • Customer and User Experiences allow a customer centric product development at very early stages in the innovation process.

Target Groups

  • 1. Identification of existing target groups in the market

  • 2. Definition and profiling

For a target-oriented development of products, services, brands and communication – also at a very early stage in the innovation development process. An early focus on target groups with high business potential clearly increases the chance that innovations succeed.

Customer Journey

  • 1. Comprehension of customer journeys

  • 2. Decoding, understanding and mapping touchpoints

The detailed customer journey map includes all customer experiences with products, services, brands, communication and employees of a company.


Real empathy and a broad spectrum of digital and analogue conversation tools are key for an all-embracing understanding of different target groups. The selection of these tools is always tailor-made and synchronized with the topics and questions of our clients.


Taking part in the life of customers and users

Observing, asking, deep-diving & understanding

Digital & Mobile

  • Online Lab: Community, blogs, forums
  • Chats, shop alongs & in-home stories

Also for longer periods and bigger samples

Classical & Analogue

  • In person face to face
  • In-Home & At-Work
  • Shop alongs

Deep-Dive Interviews

Intensive one-to-one talks, held with much empathy

with customers/ users, stakeholders, experts
IDEAL also for B2B target groups

Digital & Mobile

  • Web-Interview e.g. Skype

Classical & Analogue

  • In-person face to face
  • In suitable facilities with viewing possibility through a one-way mirror or at home

  • Via telephone

Group Deep-Dive

Understanding needs, motivations and behavior in a social context

Focus-groups, mini-groups, peer-groups, 'Stammtische'

Digital & Mobile

  • Online Platform


Classical & Analogue

  • In-person face to face
  • In suitable facilities with viewing possibility through a one-way mirror or at home

  • Via telephone