Our aspiration is personal involvement in the topics of our clients. We see ourselves as partners and team members for a common goal.

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Teamwork is a strategic decision.

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Of course, it is not the employer who pays wages. He only handles the money. It is the customer who pays the wages.

Henry Ford

Our Services

Insights – Trends - Consulting

…are like the pillars of a bridge. A stable foundation for the connection between customers and market.

Depending on the individual needs, we can provide a tailor-made combination of services.

We are experts for the needs and expectations of product and service users, no matter whether they are users of consumer goods or business and industrial customers.

Our objective eye is the key to targeted, future-oriented and user-centric market strategies.

Our expertise:

We know that empathy is an imperative for in-depth conversations with dialogue partners. With our qualitative toolbox we know suitable interview methods for a 360-degree insight into the living environment of users and consumers.

The selection and application of our tools is always tailor-made and adapted to individual problems and questions. We use our existing experience in all channels – offline, hybrid or online.

  • Ethnography – live in action. We observe (gladly together with you) target groups and their behaviour in their personal environment, e.g. while shopping, during leisure time, at the workplace.
  • Suitable for: e.g. general insight generation on usage behaviour, awareness drivers, target group understanding, cultural codes, etc.
  • Deep Dives – focus groups, deep dives, workshops: - detailed evaluation of the WHY. We get close and personal, discover details and decode unconscious attitudes, experiences, values and emotions.
  • Suitable for: e.g. impressions, understanding and acceptance of innovations, concepts, products or business models, communication concepts, brand positioning, target group profiling and much more.
  • Ideation and Co-Creation Workshops – Innovations don't happen by themselves – they have to be 'born'. We bring a wide range of people with different ideas together - (potential) customers, users, stakeholders, employees and experts.

Project example: Development of brand positioning incl. brand platform and communication concept – optimisation of communication at the POS – consumer journey experience for beauty products, adhesives, rental cars, telco - positioning of the employer brand – usability of an IVR.

We know the importance of customer value, willingness to pay and a clear target group orientation for a user-centric Go-to-Market strategy - the foundation for profitable and sustainable growth.

This needs a reliable potential analysis for new ideas, concepts, products and business models and answering the questions – HOW MUCH and HOW OFTEN.

We know the right methods for:

  • Relevance of customer needs, expectations and problems
  • Target group segmentation and profiling: number and scope of potential target groups
  • Customer value fit and acceptance for innovations, product relaunches, business models
  • Willingness to buy products, willingness to sign up for rate models or services
  • Price optimisation and acceptance
  • Perception, influence and success of communication campaigns
  • Measurement and influence of costumer satisfaction
  • The selection and application of our tools is always tailor-made and adapted to individual requirements. We use our existing experience in all channels – offline, hybrid or online.

Project example: TVC tests for a wide range of product categories, use tests for cleaning products, success of communication at the POS, price test for subscription models, acceptance of a service proposition in the telco sector.

Generating insights in the B2B environment is always a challenge:

  • Target groups are decision-makers and experts, who usually exist in limited numbers, often only in niche segments. Moreover, they have little time. Therefore, they are difficult to motivate for surveys.
  • For optimal findings professional interviewing is essential. Experts value thematic objectivity, flexibility concerning their schedules and, in an international context, an understanding of different markets and cultural distinctions.

  • Experience and wide-ranging know-how are our basis for tailor-made solutions:

  • SR Strategy Routes finds experts and decision-makers who can provide well-founded assessments on (very) specific topics. This applies to both in-depth interviews with small samples and quantitative interviews with larger samples.
  • Our experienced project managers, moderators & interviewers guarantee significant insights and data through competent interview management with targeted interview techniques.
  • If desired, we support our clients with in-depth analyses, clear recommendations for the Way Forward and advice on the implementation of the strategic challenges.

Beispielprojekte: M&A, (Commercial) Due Diligence, Konzeptrelevanz, Pricing, Innovationsentwicklung, Marktbeobachtung & Wettbewerbsanalyse, Markenpositionierung.

Our Credo: 'The future is here and now.'

Trend research is 'not a look into a crystal ball' but rather requires a deep understanding of the present. Those who have this can develop reliable hypotheses for a future period and derive (consumer) trends. This enables companies to create strategies for the future.

  • Trend research with SR Strategy Routes is solution-oriented and tailored to our clients' market.
  • Together we will go on a trend journey in which we will move from the detailed perspective of daily work to a bird's eye view for a comprehensive all-round picture. In doing so, we take three perspectives into account:

  • 1. Megatrends and their societal, social, political influence - through intensive research.

    2. Technological trends: Development of innovative technologies and their potential in relation to customer markets - through the exchange with experts in interviews.

    3. Consumer Centricity: values, beliefs, expectations of target groups with impact on future needs - through ethnographic deep dive interviews and workshops.

  • As we continue our journey, we take this broad understanding and derive the trends that are relevant to your business and meet the future needs of your target audiences.

Project example: Expectations of user target groups on the customer journey in beauty segments.


Our Credo is


Involvement is the key to a thorough common understanding of project requirements.

We work with our clients as a team and define a 'way forward' together!

Our expertise:

For companies with a customer-centric strategy customer and user needs should be the starting point for every decision and process.

  • To make this approach successful, it is essential to gain a detailed understanding of the customer throughout the entire customer journey at each touchpoint.
  • This customer competence must then be implemented in the corporate culture with a committed customer-centric mind-set for all employees.
  • Putting this mind-set at the centre of the "daily business" of all departments and positions is undoubtedly a challenge - BUT: it is worth taking it on!

  • SR Strategy Routes supports you in ensuring a positive customer experience along the customer journey!
  • The SR advantage: insights & consulting under one roof for targeted analyses & CX optimisation.

Project example: Development of global (all countries, product areas, departments) personas and their customer journeys for improved targeting. Departments involved: R&D, Marketing, Sales, Digital, Customer Service, Sustainability.

Every company needs processes. Often a lot of them exist, new ones are created frequently, and many have been in place for decades.

Hand on heart: Can you tell whether your business processes still fit our fast-moving and complex world? Whether they work? Whether they are optimal for your business model?

  • In order to meet customer centricity, trends and other requirements, it is important to regularly review, improve, combine or create new processes.
  • SR Strategy Routes supports you in creating transparency with regard to your business models and the related processes and in designing them efficiently in a way that creates value.
  • SR Tools: Value Stream Mapping, Scrum, Agile, Lean, Process Health Check

Project example: Uncovering lack of transparency in communication, gaps in knowledge exchange, silo thinking between departments that should work together - defining standards & routines for improved communication as well as establishing a new, improved innovation process.

Organisations are permanently confronted with changes and are thus in a constant state of evolution - trends such as globalisation and digitalisation, crisis like COVID-19 and inflation.

In order to meet these challenges, companies need to embrace change. Corporate strategies, systems and models need to be adapted in order to remain successful under new market conditions.

  • At SR Strategy Routes, we support our clients in the necessary change management process.
  • Together with you, we define useful and concrete measures that are tailored to the needs of customers and employees.
  • We accompany you on the way through the "change" and implement tools & methods together with the involved teams, which are practicable and suitable and can be easily applied in the company by your employees.
  • Feasibility is our focus - it doesn't always have to be the fanciest dashboard or the latest digital tool - it's more important that the "change" works.

Project example: Planning staff deployment and seamless operations in a health company's quality check procedures with lean processes, tracking methods and tools. Accompanying implementation from daily to weekly to monthly check-ins to full handover.


Our know-how for your competence

We are happy to share our expertise and provide best practice, based on the needs of participants and companies.

Our trainings are tailor-made with an optimal balance between theory and praxis.

You want fast, practical or more detailed know-how about the Toolbox of methods in Insights Research?

Or would you like to know more about how to plan, set up and conduct Market Research-, Insights- and User Studies?

Together with SR Strategy Routes you get to know the quantitative and qualitative toolbox of methods and practice authentic applications – customized to the needs of the company and its employees.

  • Qualitative and quantitative – when, what, why?
  • What is necessary and what nice to have?
  • Which methods for which questions?
  • Which pros and cons do these methodical tools have?
  • Areas of application of surveys: marketing mix development, innovation development, branding, communication, etc.
  • Optional: how to analyse and summarise qualitative interviews and surveys.

  • This training can be expanded with 'Good questionnaires and sensible sampling'

Questionnaires with a constructive selection of questioning methods, target group oriented tonality and a sampling with relevant participants are the base for high-quality data.

The SR Strategy Routes Training includes in detail:

Best Practice and Golden Rules for questionnaires

  • Set up and preparation of the survey spectrum
  • Recruitment questionnaires for participant screening
  • Guidelines for focus groups and qualitative interviews
  • Standardised questionnaires for quantitative interviews: alternative question types (scales, yes/no questions, statement-batteries, KPI's, unprompted questions, etc.) guidance on filters, rankings, etc.

  • Sampling
    • Size of the sample
    • Composition and selection criteria

    • This training can also be part of the training: 'set of market research methodology'

Get in touch with your target group 'live' and directly, without an external moderator or interviewer.

SR Strategy Routes knows about the need of many companies to experience the demands of their own customers 'close and personal'.

Who really wants to learn something surprising from people, something that goes beyond a superficial answer, does not only need knowledge and understanding of human behaviour, but also a repertoire of interview techniques.

SR Strategy Routes provides the theoretical know-how as a foundation and helps to practise the use of targeted Do's.

    Moderation of focus groups
  • Selection and mastery of verbal and non-verbal moderation techniques, creative tools, use of group dynamic processes, controlling influences, managing 'loud' opinion leaders and much more.

  • Qualitative & ethnographic interviews
    • Versatile questioning techniques for real Deep-Dives
    • Do's and Dont's

    • Special characteristics of online moderation

Workshops are useful and efficient for a wide range of topics and objectives, e.g. with ideation and co-creation in innovation development or in the change management process, in the development of customer centricity strategies, and much more.

A workshop aims to advance topics but also to motivate, to unlock creativity and know-how, to find solutions for the future, to enhance intensity for a topic, strengthen cooperation, and much more.

SR Strategy Routes has experienced workshop moderators who know how important good planning and preparation is for a successful execution. We place great value on an individual set-up, tailored to the topic and the needs of the clients.

Our training content:

  • Thorough planning and preparation – number of participants, resources, materials, preparation of rooms, timing, etc.
  • Best-Practice Workshop methods for a wide variety of topics that unleash creativity and are fun
  • Combination of well-known methodical approaches and individual modules
  • Using subgroups in a goal-oriented way and control group dynamics
  • Preparation of the results for further use
  • Special aspects of Online Workshops: Tools (e.g. Miro), group of participants, group work, etc.

'Focus on the customer' or 'think from the customers perspective' – incorporating target group needs into strategic projects and decisions is often a requirement in companies - and not only in marketing.

But how does each individual employee realise this requirement in 'daily work'? How does the predefined strategy become a continuous 'customer-centric' way of thinking on the one hand and how can the strategic line be translated into detailed tasks on the other?

SR Strategy Routes knows these problems from consulting projects concerning customer centricity strategies.

  • In our trainings, we teach how implementation works in 'daily work' - tailored to the respective activities of the employees and always practice-oriented.
  • This includes a detailed preliminary exchange about the requirements and challenges of the respective employees in their field of activity.

We regularly ask our clients for feedback. Their feedback makes us proud and motivates us at the same time.

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